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Enfield Learning Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust which was established on 1st September 2016. Its constitution is set out in the Articles of Association and this is shared with individual  academies via the Scheme of Delegation. ELT have, through the Scheme of Delegation, established Local Governing Boards for each of the schools. 

The Members: The Members protect the Charitable and Educational objectives, including the Ethos of the Trust. They take part in annual and extraordinary general meetings and appoint the Directors to the TKAT Board.

The Enfield Learning Trust Members are: Tom Sheldon, Andrew Nicolas and Paul Morall. 

The Trustees: The legal powers and responsibilities of the Trust are held with the trustees who are accountable to the Department for Education. As a group, the Trustees set the overall strategic direction of the Trust. 

Trustee Committees:  The Enfield Learning Trust Board has two committees, the Education Committee and the Audit and Risk Committee.  They scrutinise, challenge and support our educational and operational performance data, stability, and emerging risks/opportunities. 

The Board of Trustees, together with our Founder Members and Local Governing Boards are working to ensure that we deliver the very best education for over 4,000 children.

The Local Governing Boards will provide close scrutiny of teaching, learning and achievement at each school and have parental representation. The Board of Trustees will provide an oversight of all aspects of the work of each school, the Trust as a whole and ensure that we make best use of all the resources that are available.